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About Dorien Jaye Voiceovers

  • Over 40 years as a radio broadcaster
  • WoVO Board Certified
  • Quick Turn-around time 

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Originally from Rochester, NY, Dorien began pursuing the first 25 years of his life studying music including voice, performing in various groups, including jazz bands, big bands, drum corps, orchestras, rock, blues and as a studio/road musician. While on tour fell in love with the NH Lakes Region and decided to settle down in New Hampshire to start a family, and turn the page . Transitioning into broadcast radio. Studying his craft and creating both on-air and in the production studio.

"Even though I spent most of my time on the air, my real passion was in the recording studio producing and voicing production pieces. It was almost immediate at that point, I wanted to do more as a voice over artist."

Professional Voiceover Artist & Audio Production

On-Air broadcaster, radio producer, singer/songwriter, specializing in voiceovers for radio/television commercials and audio imaging instructional/technical videos, music video, Internet, narration for documentaries, audio books. Plus, on-hold messaging

Dorien is always entertaining. His quick wit, tight board and booming voice

----Mighty John Marshal, “the Record Guru”

“One of Hometown Forecast Services' most experienced weather
broadcasters….weekend weather voice of the Associated Press' All News
Radio Network.....

--- Rob Carolan, Hometown Forecast Service

"Dorien's character work on my CD's for children really gave the production
the punch it needed. His voices are immensely appealing to the children in my
audience and he was professional from start to finish during the recording
process. I will work with him again and again."

--Judy Pancoast, Singer/Songwriter/Producer

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How soon can you finish the project?
Depending on the length, we offer quick turn around time within that day or two.

In what format can you deliver the finished product?
Just about any manner you prefer, actually we can ship your finished product via CDs, MP3s, even cassette if it helps. ISDN (for a little extra) We can next day it wherever you like. We will get it to you by land, sea or on-air!

Do clients write the scripts/copy or do you?
We can do it either way. Obviously, there is a script writing fee involved, but if we just give you some suggestions on copy you’ve written, our suggestions are free. Remember, we want you to be happy with the end result.

Union or non-union?
Non-Union Voice Over Talent.

For payments what methods are used?
PayPal, Certified Bank Cheque or Money Order.
Once you click on the PayPal “Buy Now” button, it will ask you to login to your account. If you want to use your PayPal balance, if not you can go ahead and make a payment using your personal credit/debit cards.
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